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Sustainable Cooperation: Advancing Global and Commercial Partnerships in a New Space Era

Global society has caught onto the benefits of space: 62 nation-states have flying space hardware, 11 nations are equipped with private or government launch capabilities, universities and high school students now have the access to innovate in ways never before imagined. This is the new space era; it is complex and evolving, with shifting influences from private, commercial, civil, and national security actors each with its spectrum of interests.

While the United States remains the leader in satellite applications and space exploration, the global appetite for space benefits is growing, ripe for cooperation and partnerships. Working cooperatively with other nations and international partners can accelerate a country or region’s introduction to space while encouraging standards and norms of behavior. Harvesting lessons learned and technology can help new space actors effectively and efficiently become an active and responsible member of the space-faring international community while serving peaceful national interests.