Venture Risk Assessment

SmallSat Mission Services

Aerospace has a 20 year history in the design, construction, and flight of miniature spacecraft, with a particular emphasis in the nanosatellite and picosatellite regimes.

Aerospace’s deep bench of world-class engineers and researchers, with expertise in every aspect of spacecraft design and operation, consistently and successfully develop and integrate state-of-the-art components into functioning miniature space systems.

Aerospace’s AeroCube team has constructed and flown 28 satellites ranging in size from a quarter-kilogram to 6 kilograms and, since 2012, has fielded a constellation of CubeSat-class spacecraft that incorporate all of the “classic” elements of mature space systems: three-axis attitude control, navigation, operation in eclipse, execution of scheduled actions outside of radio contact, on-orbit reprogrammability, and robust internal anomaly response.