Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Automated Transit Network Feasibility Evaluation San José Mineta International Airport San José, CA

The purpose of this work, as directed by the City of San José Department of Transportation (SJDOT) and its companion stakeholders, was to evaluate the feasibility of utilizing ATN technology to fulfill a range of strategic goals and specific objectives. From a strategic standpoint, the SJDOT articulated a number of principal goals commensurate with the City’s Green Vision aspirations and its role as the capital of Silicon Valley. These include:

  • Potentially broad application of ATN systems as an element of the Green Vision: a more seamless, less automobile-dependent, and more environmentally sound integration of transportation modes, particularly with respect to implementation of pedestrian and bike- friendly at-grade thoroughfares and the “urban village” concept.
  • Pursuit of potential economic opportunities, including those that might be associated with ongoing ATN development, leveraging the considerable technical and financial resources of the area. This also includes the potential of further boosting the attractiveness of the Airport to air travelers and carriers.